The Forum for Investor Relations (FIR) is a society that gathers professionals and not companies and, as such, the members’ contribution is only symbolic. Thus, FIR depends on supports, either in cash or in kind, to organize events and initiatives set out in its activities’ schedule. Up to now, FIR can count and rely on support from the following institutions:


Permanent Support


  • Logistic and Financial support: Euronext
  • Fiscal and Audit support: Deloitte
  • Legal Support: PLMJ
  • Development of Logo and Image: Linha 21


Other Supports


  • Workshop “Information Duties and Code of Corporate Governance”: PLMJ
  • Workshop “Best Practices Corporate Governance”: Banco Espírito Santo and Tivoli Hotel
  • Workshop “Media & IR”: Brisa
  • Workshop Sustainability & IR: EDP
  • Iberian Conference: «Current Trends in IR: Navigating the New Landscape”: Espírito Santo Investment and Euronext
  • Workshop " Macroeconomic Outlook for 2010": Banco Espírito Santo
  • Roundtable: «IR Approach to Private Investors "and" IR Website: Investor communication tool»: EDP
  • Iberian Corporate Access Days in NY - JP Morgan
  • Roundtable: "Internal Communication as a way of disseminating information to the outside”: PLMJ
  • IR Iberian Conference: Cheuvreux


     Please contact us for further information