Members - 9 January 2009

Members - 9 January 2009


Article 4º of the FIR Statutes


Membership categories and their requirements


  1. There are three membership categories: member, non-effective member and honorary member.
  2. An Effective Member is any individual person, who upon their application for admission, is in a company with shares listed on NYSE Euronext Lisbon, responsible for investor relations and / or representative for relations with the market authorities and its various agents, according to the laws and regulations, namely, paragraph 4 of Article 233 of the Securities Code, as well as their hierarchic superiors.
  3. A Non-effective Member is the person who is not an effective member, but a hierarchical or functional dependent of an effective Member, being the application for admission signed by this member.
  4. An Honorary Member is the one who, after losing the quality of being a Member for failing to comply with these requirements for admission, has accepted the invitation to remain a member of the FIR.
  5. The non-effective and honorary Members have the following rights: they may attend the General Meetings but have no voting rights, they cannot be board members but may join the General Meeting and the Supervisory Board, and may not be required to pay jewelry, quotas, or additional contributions.
  6. By decision of the General Meeting, the condition of honorary Member can be extended to non-Members that have in the past positions of responsibility in relation to investors in listed companies.
  7. The application for admission to the FIR should be accompanied by information that allows the management to analyze the fulfillment of the requirements of the preceding paragraphs.