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Expected Dates for the coming FIR Events

(Subject to change upon availability of speakers)


  • IV Workshop: "IR in New Markets"


    Events already held by FIR


    During 2012

      January 12 2012, Lisbon

      VII Workshop "IR and the Crisis" and Annual Dinner


       January 26 2012, Lisbon

      Annual General Meeting and Roundtable


      June 11/12 2012,  Brussels

      First Pan-European IR Conference - NYSE Euronext



      5th July 2012, Lisbon

      VIII Workshop: "Share value in a context of a financial market turmoil"



      During 2011


      July 7th 2011, Lisbon


      • VIII Roundtable: “Cooperation with brokers to promote events with investors and NY Event with JP Morgan"


      February 4th 2011, Madrid


      • IR Iberian Conference - Cheuvreux


      January 14th 2011, Lisbon


      • VII Roundtable: "Internal Communication as a way of disseminating information to the outside”


      During 2010


      December 10th 2010, Lisbon


      • 5pm – Workshop VI: «Macroeconomic Outlook for 2011»
      • 8pm – Christmas Dinner


      November 29/30 2010, NY


      • Iberian Corporate Access Days in NY - JP Morgan


      October 12th 2010, Lisbon


      • V and VI Roundtables: «Annual Reports – IR involvement» e « Metrics to evaluate IRs »


      July 8th 2010, Lisbon


      • III and IV Roundtables: «IR Approach to Private Investors "and" IR Website: Investor communication tool»


      January 8th 2010, Lisbon


      • 4pm – Workshop V: « Macroeconomic Outlook for 2010»


      • 8pm – Christmas Dinner


      During 2009


      November 26/27, 2009, Madrid


      • Iberian Conference: «Current Trends in IR: Navigating the New Landscape»


      October 12th 2009, Lisbon


      • 12am – II Roundtable: «Investor Day»
      • 2.30pm – Workshop IV: «Sustainability & IR»


      June 26th 2009, Lisbon


      • 12am – I Roundtable: «Relationship Management with Buy-Side»
      • 2.30pm – Workshop III: «Media & Investor Relations»


      May 28th 2009, Lisbon


      • Workshop II: «Best Practices in Corporate Governance»


      January 9th 2009, Lisbon


      • Workshop I: «Information Duties and Code of Corporate Governance»